Hey Guys! My name is Abby Thompson, founder of Naturally White, and I’m here to tell you the story of how Naturally White came to be.

For starters if you don’t know, Naturally White is a unique teeth whitening concept that has been created to not only enhance smiles but improve overall self-confidence. We provide a relaxed and comfortable environment while also providing our clients with their best and brightest smile; but, we didn’t just get to where we are today overnight.

After our initial team of visionaries formed as one, it was time to finish developing an innovative teeth whitening solution. I am a huge believer in quality products that are made with safe and effective ingredients, and I wanted our products to reflect that above all else.

Because of our commitment to offer the best teeth whitening solution on the market, our team searched for the best teeth whitening treatments out there. Ones that offered the right ingredients and formulas, but nothing fit exactly what we were looking for.

So instead of reinventing the wheel, we connected with a chemist to create our very own, proven, safe, and effective formula. With this new solution, we all became obsessed with the brand that was starting to build and the image we would give our clients with our new solution. We officially opened our first doors in June of 2012, and have been growing ever since!




At Naturally White, we want our clients to experience firsthand what a cutting-edge product can provide for their day to day lives. Our goal is to help change the world, one gorgeous smile at a time. Stop by one of our locations, and achieve the best and brightest smile!



What's my personal story with Naturally White? Here it is: I’ve always loved making people feel just amazing about themselves. It’s that and my 12 years in the cosmetic industry that motivated me to develop Naturally White. I want to help others life their confidence—starting with a beautiful smile. Why? A vibrant and radiant smile can really change the way a person feels—inside and out. If you feel fabulous on the inside, you will always shine bright on the outside, and that’s my ultimate goal with Naturally White; to allow our clients to feel that spark that makes them feel on top of the world!