How much are the Naturally White teeth whitening treatments?

The cost of our treatments depend on the type of treatment you receive, whether it be the form of a home whitening kit, in-office treatment, or whitening penfor treatment on the go!

Our in-office treatments start at $199 and come with an amazing, safe, and effective Boost Remineralizing Gel treatment to lock-in and protect those beautiful pearly whites! Stop by our product page for updated pricing on all of our home and conveniently portable whitening products.

How sensitive will my teeth be after treatment?

Thanks to our unique teeth whitening formula and remineralizing gel, the majority of our clients experience little to no sensitivity following treatment. Enjoy your bright and beautiful smile—without the pesky pain!

How long do the results from an in-office treatment last?

The results from our in-office treatment last up to a year, depending on your lifestyle. We recommend visiting every 6 months for a routine touch-up and using our take-home products to maintain flawless results. Long-lasting bright smiles? Yes, please!

What about the take-home products?

The take-home whitening kits produce results that also last up to a year, depending on your lifestyle. Continuous maintenance with our other Naturally White products will allow a longer-lasting shine. There’s nothing more fabulous than a sparkling smile on the go—forget about those café coffee and tea stains!

What is the Boost Remineralizing Gel?

The Boost Remineralizing Gel helps strengthen and seal your tooth enamel following our Naturally White teeth whitening treatment, eliminating sensitivity while blocking out future stains to maintain the longevity of your brightened smile. Want to give your smile an extra boost of sparkle and protection? Try it out!

When do I use the Boost Remineralizing Gel?

If your teeth are prone to sensitivity, we recommend using the gel a week before your whitening treatment as well as the next few days after the whitening for the best results. Otherwise, you can begin using the remineralizing gel 24 hours after your whitening treatment. And just like that, you can maintain a protected, pain-free, perfect smile!