Brace yourself
For the smile you deserve

Naturally White is proud to offer a teeth whitening treatment that is guaranteed to lift your teeth 3-12 shades in one session. The products we use are made with a plant and mineral based formula and the active ingredient in our gel is a food grade hydrogen peroxide that contains three key minerals to stabilize and strengthen the enamel. Our FDA approved LED lights offer the most advanced and effective LED technology that is designed to accelerate the whitening process and leave you with a brighter smile in half the time as other treatments.

The process

The Naturally White Cosmetic Whitening gives dramatic results within an hour and last up to a year. Our in-office whitening gel is designed to give results without sensitivity and is safe for pregnant women or children under 18. Expect to be in our office for an hour and 15 min total. We recommend not brushing at least two hours before your appointment and not eating for two hours after your appointment.



Welcome to Naturally White! You have successfully booked your appointment and you are on your way to brightening your smile and boosting your confidence in the comfort of our custom-designed locations.

Check In


Our well-trained receptionist will greet you as your walk through the door, confirm your appointment, and present to you an iPad that will ask you for some quick info and a signature that gives us permission to whiten your teeth. This process should take anywhere from two-five minutes.

Before Your Session


Our expertly trained whitening specialist will take a before picture using our iPad. Next your whitening specialist will use the tooth shade guide to determine your before tooth shade color. After your before picture is taken and your tooth shade is determined, your whitening specialist will apply vitamin E and aloe to your lips. The vitamin E is used to moisturize and protect your lips during your whitening process.

During Your Whitening


A comfortable mouth retractor will be inserted to help hold your lips away from your teeth. Vitamin E and aloe will be applied to your gum line to help protect and moisturize your gums during the whitening process. Next, our proprietary safe and effective whitening gel will be very carefully applied to your teeth using a brush-on applicator. Finally, your whitening specialist will position a Naturally White accelerating light a few inches away from your teeth to help speed the whitening process. After 20 minutes, the Naturally White light will turn off and you will then rinse the whitening gel off your teeth using fresh water. We will repeat this step of the whitening process two more times, giving you a total whitening time of 60 minutes.

See The Results


This is where we reveal your new Naturally White smile! Your whitening specialist will use our tooth shade guide to determine your new tooth shade and take your after picture on our iPad. You will then be directed to the receptionist to check out. Once you have checked out, you will be on your way to a brighter and more confident version of yourself. YOU DESERVE TO SHINE!

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