Pro-Home Whitening Kit
Whiten your smile in less time with the NEW Naturally White Pro-Home Kit® that now includes a Naturally White enhancing light and 13 gel applications. It is now possible to get the same in office results from the comfort of your home with the new Naturally White Pro-Home Kit®. Simply attach the new Naturally White enhancing light to the reusable mouth tray, apply the whitening gel and insert the light and tray combo in to your mouth. At home teeth whitening has never been faster and easier!
Try our at home whitening for amazing results!



How to Use

• Attach mouth tray to enhancing light.
• Apply a small amount of gel to both sides of the mouth tray (be careful not to apply to much gel, gum irritation may occur. A small amount will go a long way!)
• Insert mouth tray into mouth, lightly bite down and leave in for 20 minutes.
• After 20 minutes remove mouth tray and rinse mouth with water.
• Repeat for 3 consecutive nights for best results.